BASTILLE DAY BOX Bragard + Degrenne

Bastille Day box composed by Degrenne (very) limited edition 6 Thiers steak knives and a Bragard black & white striped bib apron with the French Hen embroidered. Very limited edition, only 15 pieces! NO RETURNS FOR THIS SPECIAL PACK.
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BRAGARD + DEGRENNE Bastille Day Box Composed by: - A Bragard Ceylany Black & White stripes apron, 100% cotton. Adjustable neck strap with 5 pockets (1 pen pocket on bib). Size L. 38 x W. 39 inches. - A wooden box with 6 Thiers premium steak knives Assortment of six wood handles steak knives. Each knife made in a unique essence (Red Wood, Black Micarta, Olive Wood, Black Ivory …) A knife with an extremely sharp blade able to slice meat effortlessly. A must-have for lovers. Material: stainless steel & mix wood Box dimensions: 10.83 x 5.94 x 1.77 inches Degrenne offers a selection of table knives from different French terroirs. Laguiole, Thiers, Auvergne: these knives are made in France in the great tradition of knives making: Thiernoise rich of a long know-how. These collections benefit from the Esprit de Thiers label, First industrial brand of terroir, which certifies the origin and quality of labelled products. The "Le Thiers" knife is a model registered by the Confrerie du Couteau de Thiers, which guarantees the quality of the knife. Very limited edition, only 15 pieces! NO RETURNS FOR THIS SPECIAL PACK.
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